My First Week in London

Alright, I’ve unpacked, decorated my new flat and have finally found some time to relax in my new adopted city of London! This city is crazy, so much is happening I was almost freaking out the first couple of days that I was here. My flat is quiet and the walls must be well insulated because when I step outside it’s all like:

tumblr_m545znSj3B1r9x0sdo1_400There are so many interesting people, so many great places to shop and so much going on in the city I feel just like this little Corgi: OMFG! Adaptation will undoubtedly occur and I’ll probably be bored by the city in naught but a couple months time. Now though, I’m hungry to see it all.

Here are a couple highlights of some of the fun stuff I did this week in foggy London town:

  1. I met my first London client. Actually, it was one of my old clients from Brussels who made the trip over to see me, what a gentleman he is. We had a great time and he took me to Wembley to see the FA cup game. I must say that it wasn’t the most scintillating football I’ve ever seen. Still, we had a great time.
  2. Met up with my mentor and one of my best friends in the escorting business. If you’ve been around the scene at all, I’m sure you know who this person is. She is one of the best independent escorts in Europe and taught me everything I know about how to succeed and have fun in this profession. It was a little sad to hear that she is retiring from escorting, but it sounds like she has a lot of good business ideas going forward. She’s never been that tech savvy but she made the decision to start her own online escort directory site. Amazing, I have no doubt she’ll be successful, even if she can’t tell Java Script from C++ she found a software developer at to build a custom directory and with her business acumen and salesmen(woman?)ship, get ready for a great new site.
  3. Finally, I got to do some shopping! I went a little crazy: six new pairs of shoes, 12 dresses and fourteen new handbags! Yikes, I need to start getting more clients if I want to keep this up.

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to meet you all in person.






Manuela has Moved to London

Manuela is my name. Many of you may know me from my days working in Belgium Ah, what a wonderful few years I spent getting to know all the wonderful Belgian gentlemen and more than a few of the gentle-women in town. But Standing still has never been my style and I’ve made a radical change – I’ve uprooted and moved across the channel to London! How exciting is that? Well, it wasn’t easy. I had become a very well reviewed escort in the upper crust of Brussels society and enjoyed many of the benefits that come with that. But I’ve always had a peripatetic bent and just couldn’t resist the urge to uproot and start again somewhere new.

That’s kind of true, but if I’m totally honest… the reason I moved to London is the shopping! Can you believe it:

I’m a serious shopaholic and just can’t wait to sink my teeth into the boutiques on Kensington High Street, to walk the length of Oxford High Street and spend days in Selfiges. I’ve done well as an elite courtesan and think I deserve a thing or two for myself. But don’t worry, most of the things I buy will be with you, my lovely clients, in mind. Whether it’s some sexy new designer jeans that beautifully compliment my seductive curves, some eye popping lingerie or maybe some light-dom gear for my more BDSM minded friends.

Another reason I’m so happy to be in London permanently is because not only is it themy-dream-glamour-pic home of the best high fashion shopping in Europe, but also to all of the top glamour photographers in town.  I’ve had the same pictures for years, and while I still look as fabulous as I did when they were shot, I’ve changed and just need a whole new photo-shoot. I tried a few agencies in Belgium, but was never satisfied with the results – they seemed to airbrush too much which I think made me look lest glamourous and almost fake sometimes. I’ve been checking out the portfolio at escort exposure and I really like the looks of the images they take – tasteful without being bawdy. I’m scheduled for a shoot there next week I think I’m going to get an image just like this to show off my sexy legs for the springtime. Please check back here next week to see just how sexy I can be when motivated.